Let's make a print.

Vector files created in Adobe Illustrator & Indesign are the best.  Make sure to convert all type to outlines and that the file is at 100% scale. Any embedded raster images must be at least 800 dpi.

Please separate different colors onto different layers. This is essential since each color is printed 1 at a time, therefore we make separate plates for each color. In Illustrator, change the transparency to “Multiply” to preview how your colors will interact.

What about Photoshop?
We do not accept photoshop (.psd) files for printing. These are raster (pixel) based files and will output onto plates looking pixelated. The plates we create are much higher resolution that what is required for digital ink-jet or laser printers. Please discuss this with your designer before designing your project.

Color Matching
We match colors using Pantone Matching System spot colors. No RGB or CMYK values. Ink on paper simply looks different than pixels on a screen so please use a physical Pantone Solid Uncoated book for reference. If you do not have access to a Pantone book (you should buy one) you may make an appointment to come by the shop to pick a color or mail us a physical sample of the color you prefer.

Bleed & Crops
Any object that you’d like to bleed off the edge of the paper must be setup with a 1/8” (.125”) bleed.

File Delivery
You may email us files if they’re less than 10MB. Please use a transfer client such as wetransfer.com for larger files.
email to info@clovestpress.com

All artwork must meet these requirements or else it is not considered “press ready”. If we need to fix your file there may be design fees.