Letterpress printing is a form of printmaking which uses an ink, plate, paper, and a press to create a print.

Ink is mixed using the Pantone Matching System. Our process ensures the ink is mixed precisely down to the 1/1000 of an ounce.

Traditionally designs were limited by fonts that each printer had and custom designs were made by hand. Now we’re able to create these plates from digital artwork and have flexibility and precision never seen before.

We use 3 different plates, photopolymer, magnesium & copper.
We’ll make a recomendation based upon your design and goals for your print.

A separate plate is required for each color.


The paper we use for letterpress printing most often is very thick, soft paper. This type of paper will accept the deepest impression since the fibers are able to be compressed.


This is where the ink, plate and paper all finally come together. The machine prints one color at a time, one side at a time. In order to print a second color the ink must be completely cleaned off the rollers and the press is then setup for the next color. press

This is a 3 color print.