Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a printing process which uses a heated metal die to transfer foil from a roll onto paper.

There are many types of hot stamping foils available. The most common we use are either metallic or pigment foils. There are many different shades and colors for each of these options, however there is no equivalent system for foil like there is Pantone for inks.

The Die
We use exclusively 1/4″ copper dies for foil stamping because of their superior heat conductivity, strength under pressure, and ability to hold fine lines. Each color foil to be printed uses a separate die.


Shiny! This is the only method of printing to create a truly reflective print. Compare letterpress metallics vs foil here.

Opacity. Foil stamping most pigment foils, especially white, are very opaque when printed on dark paper.


Small typography and tight negative spaces can plug up with foil stamping.

Foil stamping does have a higher setup cost because of the copper dies used.



The Sons of Liberty tuck case uses two foils, gloss black and a metallic copper. Note: the type in the center has been embossed, which is a separate process.



This is a detail shot of one of the copper foil stamping die used to print the Son’s of Liberty tuck case. (flipped for legibility)



The JSV business cards use a metallic gold as well as a white pigment foil.

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