Julie Logan Business Card

Julie Logan Business Card


Client: Julie Logan
Designer: VisualAsylum

These business cards are 2/1 letterpress printed with a red PMS ink & a dense black. This is how Julie describes her cards:

When MaeLin [Visual Asylum]  came over to design my cards I said, “I don’t know that it is possible to do what I need. My logo and card must appeal to upscale fashion, beauty and corporate clients here and abroad. At the same time I love chickens and I love stripes. But I highly doubt you’ll be able to do anything with those and still make it work in a sophisticated way.” 
She said, “Watch me!” and then she said, “And there’s only one printer who can do it the way I want.”
Ah ha! So THIS is why you go to a professional designer. THIS is why you invest in good printing. And the funny thing is, as analog as the heavy stock and printing is, it’s the digital people who go the most crazy for it. They turn it over and over in their hands and murmur, “This is really wonderful.”

It really is a pleasure to work with clients and designers who care about the process & details of a job.